About Us

Why half inch scale?

I love all things small, I have a miniature, real live Dachshund!

I have lived in several small houses and even considered living on a boat.

I have a small garden and a little four-foot square greenhouse. I grow cactus because they grow slow and stay fairly small for a long time.

I think what I really like about half inch scale dollhouses and miniatures is that they are small enough to be portable so I can use them as decoration but they are large enough that I can work on them with ease and there is a good assortment of furniture, wallpaper lights and accessories that really make a dollhouse a home.

My goal in putting together this website is to spread enthusiasm for dollhouse miniatures and especially for half inch scale.

I will offer a large variety of house kits and building components along with all the decorative items needed for a dollhouse.

I will offer all price ranges of items because that way more people can enjoy this great hobby.

Hurray for half inch miniatures!